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The Lighthouse Lyrics

Album Name : Sentient
Release Date : 2003-03-01
Song Duration : 7:01

Aenima The Lighthouse

When the night falls
Hear the sound
Deep in the ocean
When the night falls
I feel your presence
Near the ocean
Do you feel my cold touch
When you plunge into the depth?
Do you feel my cold touch?
Do you feel my strength
Pulling you under?
There’s only an endless sea
The shinning lighthouse
Looks like an angel
Guiding you out of here
My words hypnotize the most fragile soul
My voice is the sound of a wave
It will numb you until you fall
I follow you there, hunting you again
Do you like it?
The wolves are singing for us tonight
All the wolves are singing for me tonight
I am the night
The wind that blows in your direction
I am the night
Where you can see your own reflection
And, with me
Comes a Legion
To set fire to your soul