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Human Lyrics

Album Name : Being - EP
Release Date : 2012-07-20
Song Duration : 4:19

Aegaeon Human

I am the one and the only,
The higher form of controlling,
I am your king,
I am the king,
I am the human being,
I am the human being,
You are the earth,
I'll burn your perfect harmony with the fire you lit
(I am the human being)
Look to the sky,
(I am the human being)
Why cant we see this through a different lens?
Through the eyes of the universe,
We are augmented,
(So I'll fill the world with madness,
Just to watch your cities burn,
And I'll kill the lying demons,
After raping them of worth,) [x2]

Fill the world with maddness,
I am the king.

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