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Harp Of Ruin Lyrics

Album Name : Behold the Chaos
Release Date : 2010-07-31
Song Duration : 5:20

Advent Of Bedlam Harp Of Ruin

"Listen to the sounds of doom, the songs of death,
Arranged for Submission, extinction
A nightmare resembling that which you fear the most

Stare at the sky, the horizon is burning in colors of
announcing the trembling of earth, death from above, a
deluge of blood.

The scourge of those who Gaze towards the Heavens, in
verging on the abyss of obscure wrath

Symphonies of ruin overcome, the land bathes in the
blood of mankind

He who plays the melodies, plucking chords from his
to control us with power, he's depraved in arrogance
In his search for mightiness, he'll slay the world

Listen to the putrid song and haunting chants,
Arranged for commotion, destruction
Vultures are feasting on carcasses of those who rot

The sky becomes dark on the curtains of dusk, leaving
nothing but stillness
Proclaiming the dimness will come, the deed is done, a
deluge of blood

The end of life, soon will come.
Thus void of earth, time has come to die"

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