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I Cannot Justify Lyrics

Album Name : Plow to the End of the Row
Release Date : 2004-04-13
Song Duration : 3:25

Adrienne Young I Cannot Justify
I Cannot Justify
I am a white girl but what was I before?
An Onondaga opening the door
Coulda been a pilgrim hungry for to pray
Or a roaming buffalo soon to fade away
Was I a little boy hiding underground
An angry soldier sent to shoot John Brown
Might have been red clay staining tired feet
Of a broken army suffering defeat
Let me grow from these clothes
That cling so tightly to my soul
How can I justify the narrow vantage
Of these eyes
Such a good disguise, I cannot justify
A hooded demon did I wear bloody boots
Did I fall like thunder torn from ancient roots
Black wing vulture peckin? heartbroke bones
Or was I an orphan born to die alone
I am a white girl but what was I before?

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