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Youth Blimp Lyrics

Album Name : Humungousfungusamongus
Release Date : 2004-02-24
Song Duration : 2:20

Adrenalin O.d. Youth Blimp

If you've never flown the blimp
Won't you step right on in
Two by two by two
Escape the human zoo
We'll all have our say
'Cause it's big and gray
Hurry up, don't delay
Or we might fly away

There never is a guest list
No fees or exemptions
No reason to be rejected
Everyone's accepted
And everyone's invited
So we can all fly united
In youth blimp we'll fly high
Attain peace in the sky

It doesn't matter who you are
We'll all do our part
Be you fat or thin
Straight, gay, punk or skin
Black, white, red or yellow
All females and fellows
If we fly the dirigible
We'll stand indivisible

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