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Descend To Eternal Torment Lyrics

Album Name : Terror of Thousand Faces
Release Date : 2009-08-15
Song Duration : 2:58

Adramelech Descend To Eternal Torment
A Gods of Destruction
War and rebellion
Unleash your merciless wrath
Stacked piles of severed hearts

A Gods of slaughter
Butchery and murder
Feast upon the flesh of the dead
Make them bleed make them dead
Please make them dead

A Gods of torture
Bloodshed and terror
Descent to eternal torment
Flesh grinding celebration

A Gods of Disease
Plague and leprosy
Wipe this earth from the living flesh
Blood sprays out of the cuts in the neck

Carnage, the slaughter has begun
Savagery upon the earth
Butchered lifeless bodies rotting
Incantations of the Dead
Descent to eternal torment

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