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Bug Vomit Lyrics

Album Name : Buster
Release Date : 2009-07-01
Song Duration : 4:54

Admiral Angry Bug Vomit

feel this for me mother f..cker
beneath this cracked lifeless soil there is freedom so sweet
filthy, diluted and breathtaking
shedding my sucked up insides
i created a masterpiece
so f..cking deliberately crafted
to taste this bile and sharpen my teeth

cannibalistic i will only digest myself
cannibalistic i only digest my own flesh

sleep only in famine, fever, or failure to breath
diseased i find my faith in restricting

can i be a father to cold f..cking impulses
breeding like roaches inside me
can i be a father to cold f..cking lies
generic and deep

my instincts are flawed
i'm starved and too weak to believe
empty and grounded
in an insect malfunction
i tore off my goddamn wings

restriction is all i own
i can't stop before i starve to death
this craving is pulling me down

cracked and dead
fucking stop

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