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Suck It Up Lyrics

Album Name : Adam Richman Live At Maxwell's 02/28/2006
Release Date : 2006-02-28
Song Duration : 5:40

Adam Richman Suck It Up

how many times
will i have to leave?
before i stop myself
to look around and breathe
to point my nose back down
to cross my arms and fold
to make myself a wall
pretend i am that bold

'cause i am just a boy
your silence could destroy
so suck it up and love me
for you must understand
with everything we've planned
i put this in your hand
so suck it up and love me
wake up embrace all of me

tonight i will not cry
somehow this all makes sense
love puts us on two knees
sometimes we believe,
sometimes we repent
sometimes we have to question
how far we've really come
well here i am again
looking out for number one

all this, recall
every pitfall
just a part of
finding our love

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