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F Jam Lyrics

Album Name : Colours
Release Date : 2003-03-03
Song Duration : 5:45

Adam F F Jam

Just pause for a second
Let me jog your conscience
Broaden your horizons
We’ll have no nonsense
We’ll shift another gear
Into a new format
Temperatures higher than 100
On the thermostat
Check the beat
Check yourself
Check the groove
Check the rhyme
Each individual
Has to lock into your mind
Once initiated
Then of course we can continue
Mixing up the tunes
To put the magic in

Your heart
Your mind
Your body
Your soul
With automatic push button
Cruise control
So we proceed the programme
You realise you dip rise
Open your eyes
You’re harmonized, qualified
To push the drum and bass
And this is how we boomin’ it
You should be knowin it
And never assuming it will be
The same style
You will find on the street
New style, new beat
Unique for the beat freak.

No need for hostility
‘Cause the sound ain’t hostile
We style, the style
With the livin’ profile
Hooked into hypnotic beats
We expand to infinity
Then another mile
Mood moderators
Mind fascinators
Flickin’ the switch
The sound innovators
Beats hit hard
Like the staff of correction
Squeeze the injection
Spreads a sweet infection

You got the fever
We gave you the fever
And we’ve got
The pleasure control
So pull the lever
Start the motions
Start the mechanics
Expanse the dance

No need to worry
No need to panic
As we slip and slide
Dip and glide
Super acrobatic
And the mood can be mellow
And the mood can be manic
As we expanse the dance

And so you’re lookin’
For the perfect beat
You’re lookin’ for
The jump up crew inside
Shake your body
And wake up your vibe
Looking for the educated
Party people with pride
Cos we’ve got the perfect beat
The perfect musical ride

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