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American Dream Lyrics

Adaliah American Dream

Separate from everything that I hold dear
I'm walking into everything that I fear
There's only so much that I can bare
You know what they say, life is always unfair
I feel the woe as it grows, being torn from within
Anger truly exposed
Forget all I've ever been taught
I'm not wasting time, it's just a feeling I've got
I'm not wasting my time
I'm not wasting my life
You're supposed to guide me but you're leaving me behind
I have put everything into this just to have you turn your back and leave me blinded like the rest
You forced me to believe that life is preconceived
I will not abide by this normality
Break free from expectation
Maybe then you'll find a life worth saving
Your doubt piles onto me
I won't live your American dream
My head being torn in different directions
Your grip limits me through suffocation
I wake addicted to affliction
The frustration always wins
I feel it constantly
I feel it in my skull
Hiding underneath
I feel it in my chest
Always choking my breath
Always there to intervene
Nothing I've ever felt really compares to abjection
I will release myself from your f..cking suffocation

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