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The Tallest Of Mountains Lyrics

Album Name : The Tallest of Mountains - Single
Release Date : 2012-12-22
Song Duration : 6:02

Acres The Tallest Of Mountains
Your time has run out
it's not gone to plan
these memories will sting your eyes
I've done all I can
So hear, hear these words
and dearest you will know
you're lost in the light
out from the shadow

Your time is nigh
tell them your story
spill all your blood
tell them your story
There is no thought
there's only my heart
Ever, shining
waiting for you

So what do I find
In the darkest of depths
where the tallest of mountains
are swallowed and kept
what do I find
waiting for you

Bright star if I were steadfast as you
the way you shine
the whole night through
There's pale skies and there's darkness too
so don't look at me
that way you do
not without empowerment
not with what I've seen
your place in my heart is always evergreen

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