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Auctioneer Of Depravity Lyrics

Acrania Auctioneer Of Depravity

Gather round, faceless bidders
As sickening grins
Flood the room
Cheque books
At the ready
We'd like to present to you

A deadly cocktail of
Mind control
And psychological warfare
Chemicals shoved down the throat
And sleeping into the skin
Psychological Inceptions
Overthrown nations
Oppressive creations
With the blood of the innocent dashed on top all
Sold to the highest bidder
To be enjoyed
Under the illusion
Of grandeur
Just keep on buzzing
Hive, blind in your ignorance
Just keep on chasing paper
We're enthroned as kings live under the light
Of an entire population's ignorance
What are you blind?
You pathetic CUNTS
Next up for auction is a machine race with depraved minds
Unknowingly enslaved our methods
Ensure their mass distraction
While we're riveting
Painting a portrait for the public
Can I start the bidding at a price worthy of a fully thought out
Termination of a healthy portion of their
Un-awakened lives
So that we may reign of as gods
Forever more
Listen up now
We have spent years dominating over humanity
So get back to financing the dying economy
Take a look at this celebrity
Isn't she pretty?
As she smiles with greed
Don't look at that
This auctioneer of Depravity
With the buying and selling
Of humanity
Alright, take a look at humanity
Aren't we clever
As we shun each other for a system
Cast your unscathed eyes aside
Why not just carve them out because we have our first bid
Critical structures fall clinically
The second bid
Unspoken numbers surely die
Upon the third bid
Their souls are callously fed to the jaws of the beast
As religious belief controls the weak
Under a polluted skyline insufficient
Awoken minds get ridiculed and branded with insanity
While most behave like sheep
Running circles in the street saying work work work
All whilst we accept our fourth bid
Force feeding you war and famine and disease and
Detrimental in conclusions
Sparking riots hailing mass
Public disorder
All whilst we commence this auction
In the confines of conspiracy

And it's all sold to the men who print the money
Along with all the requirements of life
Control the money
Control the people

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