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Stream Of Consciousness Lyrics

Album Name : Surrounded By Change
Release Date : 2005-01-01
Song Duration : 4:23

Acoustic Junction Stream Of Consciousness

Passion must be placed in the heart that has
none moments spending time making sure
things are fine sometimes they're not and if
you haven't got it you never will it's hard to
understand I'm learning still life's so complex
we forget to feel but whose to say and what's to
feel a truthful eye knows what is real and we
may stop...

We may stop to dream
believe in things we've never seen
scattering dreams
spinning in circles that never stop never end they
just roll along in a stream of consciousness

Can't forget those who have watched me walk
through unknown fear living inside us all there
is a dream to leave now and find a home with
no boundaries and no mistakes remaining
consistent surrounded by change we move
forward one by one to keep pace.

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