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Blood Current Illumination Lyrics

Album Name : Vamachara
Release Date : 2011-11-21
Song Duration : 7:38

Acherontas Blood Current Illumination

Hail Thy, light of the crimson Moon
You, Gate of the deepest Dream and shadows
Allow your Infinity as Black Drape pierce me
Let me enter in your Temple of frozen Stars
I speak the words that open the path as written by the
Great ΔΡΑΚΩΝ Tiamat
By the Crown of the Black Sun and my Royal blood I open
the Omnipotent Eye of Horus
By the calls of the Averse Eye
From the quarters of Heaven
Spirits of Divine and Blood Red Sky
Illuminate Me in this Rite
Of fiery shadows
O' Moonless night of higher and sacred Blood!
I Became and the Becoming Became
I Became by Becoming
The form of Khepra
God of Transformation
Who came into Being
In the first time
Through me all Transformations were Enacted
Ancient Spirits of Life and Death, this Circle of Rebirth
Of burning flames and Holy flesh
I Invoke Thee
Usella Mituti Ikkalu Baltuti