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Lil Freak Freestyle Lyrics

Ace Hood Lil Freak Freestyle

Mr. Hooodd
It ain't no [x6] no pressure
Ok you can call me mr at the hood and then salute me
I smell and look like money make them bitches wana do me
I'm lookin for that yellow bone who gotta super tusshie
And fiji aquafinas abraheli in her pussy
At first I wanted her but now I'm feelin Ms. Alicia
Tryna to get her in my bimmer got tequila by the liter
And she got her friend Aakila but don't really want to leave her
Betta come to find Ikila got a friend that's name Jamica
And Jamica is a teacher but her daddy is a preacher
And she came down with Lisa who be scammin with them visa's
And they all made up they mind that they won't leave eachother neeva
So I had to make a call to my dawgs I got broads
And they allllllllll
Super top-models and we headed to my condo for some convo so just follow
And I'm thinkin in my head how I'm going beat it like I'm happo
And I pull up to my crib just know my gates they open high so
So we get in too the crib I'm a take off all ya clothes doe
Heard you gotta man it don't matta he's a no show
You can be my little freak little freak little freak
Pretty dark brown call you double shots of Hennessey
Finna give you some of me
Know ya friends is feelin me all join in and become a f..ckin oragene
Let my dawg in walkin in like who ordered me
If we are delivery ain't got no more energy
Tryna to hear that pussy beat [x10] like a sifiny

My little freak

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