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Addiction Lyrics

Ace Hood Addiction

G-U-T-T-A I said I said G-U-T-T-A
I'm in that murder black made back countin money
Big Shoes bitch move youze a crash dummy
That homicide down to ride on my side fo me
The world is mine and everything that resides in it
I'm Holly Hood Blowin good from my dope buddy
The Sun rise for the rich yeah my shit sunny
See we paid paper cuts rubber band hundreds
My fingernails dirty doin this is twelve thirty
I'm with a bitch suckin dick while I'm still cummin
And yeah laid way back bitch say sumthin
I run the game keep the chains this a clean hundred
I bought a slab bout a half keep the cash comin
I got a bitch on the ave run the cash for me
She wine fine bitch I call her paper bag money
She never fail bring the mail all cash money
She ll go to jail have the bail in a bag for me
Just call me mr cash flow I got bond money
See I'm addicted to the cream keep the feinds comin
I krept the team full of holes keep the green runnin
I'm on top half a million in my knapsack
I need a smack tell em duffel up a mil fast
It's lunchtime tell em gather up the moneybags
A greedy nigga see I'm far from the slim fast
You play the clash get blast like an airbag

I come equiped with the clips give her whiplash
Cause I blast at a bich ass quick fast
And leave your homeboy soul in a trashcan
Ha I'm tryin holla like I'm sayin somthin
It's rookie of the year you better put your cash on em
Nominated I'm the shit what you sayin buddy
I'm Feelin richer than Nicole you ain't seein nuthin
Another album still comin
Bigger shit sience the best nigga still comin

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