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Let It Go Lyrics

Album Name : Living In Transition
Release Date : 2010-03-05
Song Duration : 4:09

Access Zero Let It Go

So what's it gonna take...
For you to look inside of me and feel okay?
Yeah, what's it gonna take...
To bleach our past and understand it sometimes rains?

I need to get through
Please understand that I'll never walk away...from you
Yeah, what else can I do...
But find a way to convince you that it's true?

Stumbling down the hall
Falling like the rain
I am closing the gates of our past
and it's a long way down, but I know you're there
To catch me when I fall from grace

Well I'll let it go, let it go, let it go

Well it's etched into my mind
All these promises you left to die
And the words you never said
Are simply mocking the time we had

And the truth...buried inside
Well it's like torture...to wonder why
Please let it go
Please tell me why
All these promises were left to die

So what's it gonna take...
Cause after all of this you know we'll find a way