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Grendel Lyrics

Abyss Grendel

You push your pills you push me and I push you back Take your candy I have no use you like the abuse You stay in your hell in your shell. Break out and wake up. I know you never sleep...don't we all have insomnia. Self medicated, Inebriated...joking like a fool. I saw the fire in your heart...all that's left you in the dark, Are there any embers left in you? I wanna shake you and wake you I wanna make you believe...believe in me Make you see me. Broken hearts will have their way, broken hearts will have their say. Self medicate, inebriate. Keep it numb until the night comes. I saw the fire in your heart all that's left you in the dark. Broken hearts will make their way...broken hearts will go away...go away.

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