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Coma Receding Lyrics

Album Name : Replenish Entirety
Release Date : 2012-08-21
Song Duration : 7:17

Abysmalia Coma Receding

It's been so long, years have gone
We've reached the point where nothing will change the sum

Fold the cards, lose all your scars
No more tears to fortify these bars

Trapped inside a Coma... feeling no pain at all
Trapped inside a Coma... freeing redemption for us all

Come what may, we're not here to stay
So turn away as I close this door between our faces

Years and years we have grown attached
To each other like the tightest clasp
Inanity was found among our deeds
So now we part ways; our comas recede

Step inside the world anew and see
All that's laid for you and me
Bear in mind, we'll never again be
As one, we've got nothing left to achieve

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