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The Reaven Odin's Witness Lyrics

Abused Majesty The Reaven Odin's Witness

The moon shines in full
I see a flying raven
So free, beautyfull

The horn has sounded as a voice of Thor
He's called us to fight

Raven as Odin's dispather
Saves us from defeat
We went forward!!!
Our army got mixed with the enemy
Great chief Thorgisl
Strikes out of confusion

Dance of death and destruction
Every his step brings a new victim
The enemies surrounded him
I run to help
On my way I killed three people
I stood by his side
Turned back upon ourselves
We're preparing to defence


[repeat chours]

The standart must be ours
We run in furious fight
The standart must be ours
We're close
The standart is ours


Thorgisl blows the flag
Wastes of the christians run away in panic
Some of us brought a head
Of christian priest sticked on the spear
Many of great soldiers wandered
Today to Vallhal
They died in the glory
The raven Odin's Witness!!!

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