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Take It Back Lyrics

Album Name : Reggaenomics 101
Release Date : 2007-01-12
Song Duration : 3:22

Absolute Take It Back

Take It Back Back Back Back Back Back

Take ya money back
Take ya Pussi back
Take everythang from ya man back
Take it Back
Take ya car from him
Make him walk again
Let his shoes run over to the side
What he bought for you
You can keep that too
Or pawn it for a quick lil flow
His cell phone that you keeping on
Let the shyt get cut off


Take it back
No matter what the ni99a say
No matta what games he play
Take it Back
If he want that otha ho
Kick his azz out
Let that ni99a go
Take it back
Aint trying to be a stupid bit
Got time for nan ni99a bullshyt
So if ya mans don't act rigth say damn that shyt
No doubt ladies take it back

Always on his time
Call ya when he want to come over just to sex you
Then he can't be found
Tellin lie after lie about how and why
The thang that's kills it
Is when a chick calls ya phone
Cussin carrying on
That's when enough is enough
He must got life in a blender
He phucked up


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