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Confetti Lyrics

Album Name : Misadventure
Release Date : 2008-01-09
Song Duration : 5:33

Absent Kid Confetti

Trust is balanced on the edge of a knife
I hear laughter in the distance

Check my pulse as these memories melt

Into nothing much at all

Make-up drips on the disco-lit floor

As I sit and watch in silence

But Iím not over yet

Champagne spills from a strangerís mouth

As itís full of stolen opinions

Well, this show will be over long before

The birds digest the confetti

But Iím not over yet,

No way

ĎCos you and me are no one

Hold me as the lights come up

ĎCos you and me are no one

Say youíre someone you are not

Say youíre someone, Iím not over yet x2

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