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Stuttering Lyrics

Able Baker Fox Stuttering

Another ten swallowed by the sea, my friend.
Oh, the irony drifts along in the tides again.

Here is your lifetime suspended between your hands.
Seasons run together.
So many years have passed.
Distance comes so flawlessly.
Of the frayed and frenzied past.
Don't be left stuttering about the times that cannot last.

Walk to the end of the road
The blurred lights passing through
They drift in ssurges, they unwind
The changing of the hands and minds

This is the only chance
The sound will wane and...
Never get this chance again
What we're not doing now...
All that tried to keep up
With the pace and the malcontent.
Don't be left stuttering about the things you wish you'd said.

So many minds...
What have we done with time?
What might become of me?
Now is your last time. (lifetime?)
(Say Goodbye)

So the seas came and took ten more
And now our broken years are on the ocean floor
But... feigned farewells
Take care and raise the sails.

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