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My Neighborhood Lyrics

Album Name : Mudface
Release Date : 2010-04-12
Song Duration : 3:33

Abk My Neighborhood

My neighborhood's full of drama
Killas and thugs
Everybody representin
By throwin em up
With a quick hi hello
Or a beat down baby
Even cops knows the bloccs
That it's all time crazy
It's alright
Cuz it's home sweet hood
Even though half of us
Is up to no good
You gotta love it
When your born and raised
In a place
Full of problems
That you gotta face
I'm a native in the city
Of these detroit streets
Wit a warrior mentality
That wont at ease
Tommy hawk in one hand,
Blunt in the otha
So I can get high and just swing at mutha fuccas
That's how it is
I protect my shit
On my front porch
Servin up free fat lips
So come and see me
If you down to hang
But when you visit
In the minute
You can't be actin strange
For real

My neighborhood ain't wat it's all cracced up to be
So much drama
My neighborhood ain't wat it's all cracced up to be
So much drama


In the double 7 0 is where ur findin me
Wit that front porch livin
Got the lawn chair high
Don't mistake this lifestyle for a reason to try
This is the reason to die
We straight country folk bangin
Them dirt road bangin
Country folk slangin
Got that hard
That soft
That prescription for your mental
My neighborhood homies got them backroads credentials
Fo do chevys one on bloccs otha one pumped up
Bad ass kids leavin grown folks punked out
Trailer park cookin
Servin up that ass
City cars always swervin when them hoes walk past
Cuz them corn bread booties got em hypnotized
Spendin college tuition
Just to grip them thighs
My neighborhood to some might seem worlds away
But this is where I stay
Red Clay, GAMy neighborhood
Is on locc cuz we like it that way
Is a place where the gangstas play
Can see right through if you don't belong
Is on some shit like you ain't neva seen
Red dirt roads sportin thugs and theives
Country fuccin mouths ain't neva heard of no blocc
Is so far out don't bother callin no cops

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