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Young Forever Lyrics

Album Name : Young Forever
Release Date : 2004-08-30
Song Duration : 3:33

Aberfeldy Young Forever
Come on people, what's the matter with you?
A few got many, and a many few
Keep on acting in the way that we do
Won't have anything left to lose

Laa laa laa laa
Laa laa laa laa

Come on baby, why we are taking so long?
So many things that could still go wrong
You were hungry and nobody cares
But when I'm with you baby, I'm a millionaire

Laa laa laa laa
Laa laa laa laa

And I'll be young forever
Glued to your side
And we'll be together
And never be denied

Young forever, yeah
Be glued to your side
And it'll be forever
And we'll never be denied

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