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The Well Lyrics

Abeline The Well

I know it's close when
The clouds hug the mountains
Frozen reflections open up your eyes
It's time to reach out, pull me in
Take me away from sin

Because everything ends, and everything dies
And all in the midst, where is your mind?
An infinite slumber, you've never felt so alive
Until seasons change

It's safe to say there's something tearing at my feet
It's safe to say there's something after me
But I can't control it, it's safe to say

Is all this really happening?
It's safe to be in disbelief
But I can't control this
And I don't want to feel cold

The restless, wrestling of the rest of us
Now left behind; what can we make of this endeavor?

The awful, offering of honesty
That's left to come,
When it comes down, to push and shove,
What lies above, will matter the most

So do you know, what matters most?
We'll take you in our arms, and show you what matters most.