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Seven-Year Itch Lyrics

Album Name : The Rearview
Release Date : 2006-01-01
Song Duration : 5:00

Abby Ahmad Seven-Year Itch

I can barely hold your hand
Let alone hold you up
I can barely feed myself
Let alone fill your cup

'Cause the bonds stay broken
When the lessons stay unlearned
I have given all I can
When's it your turn?

I can barely hold my tongue
Let alone hold my breath
I ain't gonna stick around
To watch you die a new death

'Cause I swore to myself I would
Never return
I've seen this one before
And guess what
You crash and you burn

All your bridges
When your super-life
Became superstition
Less than a friend
But more than a sister
What once just burned
Is starting to blister

Ashes to ashes
We'll burn to the ground
And I'd rather make a clean break
Than watch you fall down

And I hope you'll forgive me
'Cause I didn't forget
The way you severed the cords
Of your own safety net

Well, fate can be cruel
Life may be a bitch
But that's not an excuse
For your seven-year itch

You see, I never signed on
To mend what you break
And I won't be a band-aid
For another heartache

I have learned from the best
When to say enough is enough
So you've been dealt a bad hand
You've still got to ante up

When the cards have been folded
And the last bluff's been called
What will you be left with?
Nothing or all

There's so much to gain
When there's nothing to lose
But little girl
You've got some big girl shoes
Little girl in big girl shoes
Little girl, big girl shoes

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