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Killershark Lyrics

Album Name : The Rock 'n' Roll Devil
Release Date : 1988-10-07
Song Duration : 4:17

Ab-cd Killershark

Arrrrgh !

There is nothin' you can do
'cause he has found a trace of your smell
As you started swimmin' you rang his dinnerbell

You can feel those eyes are watchin' you
You better swim to save your life
He doesn't wanna know you better
No he will cut you like a knife

A Killershark - A Monstershark
Swim to live, swim to save your life
A killershark - A Murdershark
Close behind your back, The Executionshark

You're like a Big Mac
He wants to eat your flesh and bone
You're like his French Fries, Cheeseburger
Chicken McNuggets, he likes to eat at home

There´s no McDonald's in the sea
You better swim to save your dick
He doesn't wanna talk it over
He´ll spit you out, you f..ckin' prick


Aah, he's biting off your legs
and he's tearing your body apart
When he has eaten you up he'll just swim away
and cut a fart

A courtesy, a burp, 'cause he thought
you tasted good, just like a hit
Don't think they ever gonna find you
You're just another pile of shark shit, of shark shit !


F..ckface, start swimmin'! You're gonna die !

Fire !