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Every Now And Then Lyrics

Album Name : People Like Us
Release Date : 2000-07-25
Song Duration : 3:23

Aaron Tippin Every Now And Then

Once in awhile my mind takes a trip
Down memory lane where two fool kids
First found love in my old Tempest
Girl, we were something
Ribbons in your hair and white cotton dress
Hearts on fire, both scared to death
We lost our fear and our innocence
To sweet, sweet loving

Now honey, I aint complaining
No girl, Im just saying

Every now and then on a night like this
When the south breeze blows, baby I relive
That laugh, that touch, that kiss
Oh honey, how sweet it is
Every now and then when the moon's just right
Those old feelings come back to life
And I wish I could turn back time somehow
Every now and then, I wish then was now

We parked down along Dry Creek Road
"Burnin' Love" blasting on the radio
We were green but it never showed
Baby, we were red hot
Hotter than noon in mid-July
You could have lit a fire with the flame in our eyes
We left nothing to be desired
We gave it all that we got

So honey, lets take a little spin
And turn up those old feelings

(Repeat Chorus)

Cant you feel the warm wind kickin' up
Thats our cue baby, sure enough
Yeah, every now and then when the moons just right
Those old feelins' come back to life
And I wish I could turn back time somehow
Yeah, every now and then, I wish then was now
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