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Walk On Lyrics

Aaron Camper Walk On

See it everywhere
It won't be easy
It won't be easy

I love you and you know that I really do
Don't you know I love you, girl?
What are we doing here?
Tell me, is the love gone?
Tell me
If you wanna ride out, girl, if you gonna roll out, girl
€˜cause it's starting to change
This love's not the same, no

Yeah, and I don't really know just why
I feel like you and me just aren't one
If this is over, do it tonight
Just do it right here
Don't wait any longer
Do you expect me to stay and reason?
With me, my dear, writing's on the wall

In my mind, the writing's there
See it everywhere, smell it in the air
Our love's not there
So why'd you have to run around and tell me lies like you do?
If you think you gonna love and leave me
Won't be easy, won't be easy, no

Destitute, I try to make it right
But you just hang me out to dangle and die
I can see the itch in your eye
For another guy
So can we get this over with?
Go your own way now
Go ahead and walk on
Walk, walk on

So if this over, do it tonight
Right there, don't wait till it's over
Walk, walk on
If this over, do it tonight
Do it right here, don't' wait any longer
Writing's on the wall
Do you expect me to stay and reason?
With you, my dear, writing's on the wall
Oh, it's on the wall

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