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A Wash A Sea Goodbye It's Me Lyrics

Aarktica A Wash A Sea Goodbye It's Me

i've spent the last few nights
since i first found out
tortured by the phone and it makes more sense to be
filled with doubt
so you moved too soon
so you're lost to me
now i can't find your voice and the words you speak and
it's terrifying
it's strange to antiquate something old like truth
i find it rather bold in the ways you chose to expose
your youth
so you're different now
so i made you sad
and i can't find the map that was marked to lead to the
heart you had

_ soon
i'll forgive and forget about you
and any memory of what you are to me will be washed
and sure, i'm sad to lose, but i will conceive that
it was beautiful but sometimes cruel _
and it's strange to me how when stories change
with those things we _
be sad but it's not my way
i wish you well
still our love
hope you're happy now
or at least happier than when truth was true
a lie for life