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Middle Earth, Lord Lyrics

Aakash Middle Earth, Lord

This is me the creator, introducing myself//
to a hybrid breed//
born in the renaissance//
please have no offense//
on my absence//
I have my eyes on the//
pain ye constantly felt//

Haha, this is me, the spirit so unusual//
I have the power to ride ahead of the spiritual//
Against all the odds //
lets lay a foundation stone for your king//
in the heaven who's there without a thrown//

Red denotes danger//
Red denotes light//
Red denotes anger//
Red denotes life//
Can zeitgeist save our souls O adiós amigos//
we heading to comatose//
took a shower in the sea, yes its a black sabbath//
prepare for the end time, an exodus in fact//
After I Danced with devil//
Dined with the God//
for we are trapped in this world of middle earth, lord//
where the natures jokes are so sarcastic//
hacking all the hoax, bringing a change so drastic//
lets surprise everyone like a jack in the box//
"commercialize lesbian sex till the wars in Iraq"//
Lets believe in the youth say we must not//
lets us create our own history with our own thoughts//
so pick up a spot and put up some rocks//
someone please play this at 100 thousand watts//
Is it a calm less mirage, the world's goin down//
the shops are closed, the lights are out//
Everybody got a violent addiction to //
the bleeding sexism's flamboyant crucifixion//
Smoked some weed, board a night flight//
so stoned, fellin' my heart is on the right side//
trips fooling me, its like an anxiety attack//
turn the lights on in a way everything turns black//
& kidnap who control on the nature with science
this modern world is threatening me - (lions)//
Technological facts that make the knees shake//
can anybody, I mean anybody sell love on e-bay?//
For our country Soldiers who died in the cold wars//
but nobody is ready to die for my soldiers//
why is the truth always in code words//
who is responsible for nature's bloopers//
to respond the deal, no rockerfeller or goldbergs //
built to kill, kill what kills. so what??//
The hopes built by the Venus project//
what about the teaching of the martyrs n the prophets//

How am I suppose to take this verse so long//
the moxie inside me is now long gone//
pray to this life in me to wake up//
hedionising in the dreams with a face f..ck Ow//
Peace out//

Satan powered a gun, you are ordered to run//
welcome back everyone, are you desperate for fun//
I'll sell you everything for free that you lust//
come hold my hand dipped in the Red blood//

For I inspire the life//
I inspire the soul//
I inspire their wives//
I inspire thy goals//
Don't listen to anything else that deceives//
or believe the priests//
I have no agnostics at least//

Peeks up from the soul, you been trying to find //
I'm the one who controls the whole mankind//
what is this of prophecy of 2012//
believe me my children, I was building my stealth//a
But guess thy ate the forbidden fruit again//
under his command you act like a hooligan//

For I the LORD that do not change// (words form Malachi 3:6-7)
its a death trap, I'ma take this motherf**kin Antichrist's life back//
fight back, with a will, where mic's at//
its like that, when the world survives on the price tag//
Slave him in the vault n rape his bitch///
as a revenge for what he has done to my kids//
who practice homicide with homosexual mastrubation//
its the age of vice, salvation's saturation//
Trapped is this middle earth you might be//
self flagellating whips for this deity inside me//

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