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The Observer Lyrics

Album Name : Natural Static
Release Date : 2012-08-16
Song Duration : 4:57

A.c.t The Observer

Things That I See, When Weeping So Free
Peeking With Just One Eye, I See When You Cry
Snapshots From Your Bedroom, Pleasing Them All
No, You're Not Alone

Trapped Since I Came, You're All In A Frame
Feeding Me With Your Time, This Must Be A Crime
Seeking In The Stairways, Fear To Be Seen
No, You're Not Alone

This Isn't A Dream, Stay As A Team
Not An Illusion, Pictures Of You Too

Time For A Break, It's Too Much To Take
Strobing Bright In This Pile Put All In A File
Will Someone Reveal Me Please, I Am Drained
Oh, I'm So Alone


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