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Lover Lyrics

Album Name : Masterpiece Andrew Weatherall - Ministry of Sound
Release Date : 2012-05-14
Song Duration : 5:08

A.R. Kane Lover

You're so rare
a unique boy
so sad yet full of joy
so limitless
caressing me
you could take me home with you
or I could take you home with me
let me, let me
love you too
it's like a miracle
a loving cure-for-all
I feel the dust around my hollow heart
just slip away
you're so rare
for you I've sworn
a rose without a thorn
pure tenderness
possessing me
I only ever cried for you
when will you try to sigh for me
let me, let me
love you too
my tears flow long and cool
a fool beside a pool
I feel beside a pool
I feel the hurt inside my hollow heart
just wash away

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