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I'll Take You Back Lyrics

A.L.T I'll Take You Back

[Tony G.]
"Doo-doo" --> Frank Stallone

(Verse 1)
I take you back
In my past, I used to live life fast
And yo
It wasn't shit to let the .38 blast
I had it goin'
On, with the bitches and hoes, too
Yo, come to think about it, so did my whole crew
We bumped the old school jams from the East Coast
We was the baddest Mexicans outta East Los
Back in the days, many crews got hushed
It seems
Every night, me and my homies got
We never back down, even if we got beat down
We came back next week to the same town
And we was ready for 'em
But they still figure
That they could do us
So tiny pulled a steel trigger
I had a .38 special, not a A.K.
As we sped away, Tony G. was on KDAY

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