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...a Cadaver Lyrics

Album Name : A Partial Dialogue Between Ghost and Priest
Release Date : 2008-05-27
Song Duration : 1:51

A Textbook Tragedy ...a Cadaver

So leave the keys in the igniton
And turn the headlights off
Wait till' her body hits the ocean
From here all hope is lost
Blood on my hands (dead on the floor)
Finish it up (dead on the floor)
Make this shit quick (dead on the floor)
Anger's a bitch (dead on the floor)
Die a martyr
Death on my mind (watching her sink)
Fuck with my head (watching her sink)
This is a lie (watching her sink)
Romance, that bitch! (watching her sink)
Die a martyr
We all stand
We all fall
We all die
We all crawl
With no luck I will fall
With no luck I will crawl on my f..cking knees
To the end, to the end
Game time
One shot
So spin the bottle round and round
Drink up kids this one's on the house
And as the sirens near the street
My splattered blood will spell defeat

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