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Battle Lyrics

A Sudden Tragedy Battle

We bring the fight we bring the struggle
We don't give up
Till we have nothing left
This is our everything
This is our fight this is our night,
Who said you were everything,
Cause compared to me you are nothing

I must have learned to stand on my own

We go down tonight
We go down tonight victorious

The new dawn is here, an age of lies
We are the last true warriors
Before the final war,
We put on our blood stained armor

We march towards the battle field opening our eyes
We stare down the enemy,
As we near we draw our swords
We cut open our enemies
We spill the blood of the evil foe
Our last battle is our final victory

We stand in this glorious light of truth
What we fight for is loyalty,
Loyalty to our true brothers,
Not one turns his back
One falls we all fall
Loyalty forever.

We go down tonight victorious

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