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True Colors Lyrics

A Raven Among Doves True Colors

When the reds became blood,
And all the tears became a flood,
Where the blue skies came crashing down,
And the black seas made me drown,
This is where our broken promises lie,
Beneath the world in a shoebox named “Goodbye”,

Sometimes the blacks and whites,
On the silk white screens,
Will show you what it means,
Through the darkest of all nights,
To look back at it all,
From such great heights,
We've come so far,
We've come so far,
And we're only going further,

I took you to the top of the earth,
And showed you true colors,
I showed you beautiful curtains,
This atmosphere of rebirth,
“Goodbye” could call us lovers,
Would your hellos say there's no other?
With sights like these,
Would you crawl down from the trees?
And leave me begging on my knees,

I painted our footsteps bright,
So I could see how far we've come
How far we've traveled,
In one night,
The broken would say;
“What a sight, ”
We've come so far,
We've come so far,
Yet I'm just a martyr,
Just like your father,

The oceans they reach my feet,
The waves,
They hit the street,
I was just a pawn in your game,
A chapter with a name,
With “Goodbye” forever in my heart,
I let this great flood be a new start,

While I drown alone,
I smile and make it known,
At the ocean floors,
I carve it in stone,
A new chapter is what I own,
I'll find what I need,
Behind closed doors,
Beyond something of yours,
It's all for me,
After I drown at sea,
Under true colors,
Of what's best for me,

It's what's best for me,
It's what's best for me,
It's what's best for me,

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