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Good Idea Lyrics

Album Name : Copper Blue (Remastered)
Release Date : 1992-09-04
Song Duration : 3:47

A Good Idea
Good Idea [x6]

1% is all I hate
The other 99 I rate
Things that make me feel like I'm alive, woah...

Rocky One, summer sun, 10 foot of snow, big theme parks
I said Columbo, easy b-sides, and royalty cheques, happy hours

Problem is we don't have long
The list is longer than the song
Please don't miss the point and say I'm wrong, oh...

Tony Hawk, fat cigars, concrete skate parks, lyric swappin'
Body poppin', Jedi mind tricks, and mountain songs, sell out gigs
Ian Wright and satellite are

Good Idea [x8]

Give me a G-O-O-D
Give me an I-D-E-A

Good Idea

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