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Don't Be Punks Lyrics

Album Name : White Punks On Rap - A History of Boys Don't Cry 1983-1999
Release Date : 2008-12-30
Song Duration : 3:41

A Don't Be Punks
Buy a junk?, delay that moon?, you think we feel the need to prove
That we play the f..cking tunes, while you're the one that's f..cking you
Now if you'd ever spared a day, at these things that don't f..cking go away
You can see that our contract says that we get to do this our own way

Who can't challenge what you do? Don't be punks!
Who can't challenge where to go? Don't be punks!
And when will we change our tune? Don't be punks!
You can't tell 'em when and much! Don't be punks!

At this point you f..cking loser, you don't have a f..cking opinion!

Song Meanings for Don't Be Punks

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