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Only In Darkness Lyrics

Album Name : Farewell - EP
Release Date : 2010-06-22
Song Duration : 4:04

A Kiss Could Be Deadly Only In Darkness

close my eyes, see you in hell
now we’re spinning on this carousel
don’t hold on, just let go
the night is burning and your hands are cold
the nightmare’s here, the dream is done,
eternal darkness hiding from the sun,

our lips meet selfishly
your pulse is calling me

it’s burning to the ground
they’re gagged and tightly bound
it’s more than just pretend
everything will end
you gave it all for my escape

innocence is dead and gone
but I bet you’ve known that all along
reflections gone, I’ve lost it all
waiting for the evening sky to fall
a different town, the threat remains
as your poison courses through my veins