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Midnights With The Monster Squad Lyrics

Album Name : If the Flames Don't Kill Us We Will
Release Date : 2003-05-20
Song Duration : 4:40

A Jealousy Issue Midnights With The Monster Squad
you'll never forget us
kill the clocks to stop the tick
moulding moments by the minute
stretch these days to burst
with severed hands and rusted gears

let's savour each beautiful beat
of this wretched gang of hearts
brilliant reds are fast and fading
in the blink of blackened eyes

the blue decides to bury us alive
let's blow a hole in the sky tonight

splatter it with tattered silver
no wish is safe from harm
we're a deadly mix of idle minds and boiling blood
paint this town with a bang and a crash
staining your glass with cocktail blasts
disaster is just so appealing
we'll be the death of us all

you'll never forget us

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