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Mc Hammer (freestyle) Lyrics

A-mafia Mc Hammer (freestyle)

I don't need the rap man I do this 'cause I want to

Chain with the rap rocks eight mafia got the game in the head lock
Might catch me in the range of the red drops
Leans get their hip hop
I bring them... I told niggas I'm a blow...
King of my city these old niggas gotta...
I murder these bitch I'm jay z plus I'm...
War on streets is jay z wanna sign me
... on my back and my shoulder
The problem I attack like a cobra... under the sweet...
And I ain't never got a rap shit I will pop the...
I'll be too real... and I ain't never these suckers
I will rose but we still got a... in the man chick
... mills we gonna do it hard...
Remember I was thirsty and hungry on my weeps
You know we... me and money like bad bitches
You put it... and it clear facts... my feet I get lost... stones who... own in new york
Got the... begging... there's no 2011 no limit