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Bakkwoods Lyrics

9lokknine Bakkwoods

Wanna die? (I, I still turn up)
I told my brothers dem to get in that Durango
(Who doin' all that?)
(You know I'm still all that on my 'Gram)
(Take it for the 'Gram)
Like that, yuh, just like that (Yup, yup)
Takin' it for him, her, him, him, them
I take it for everyone
(Don't take me for none of them)
(I am not no, I'm not no f..ckin' rapper)
Ah (Nigga, I'm way on it)
I just look like this (Blatt)
(I told 'em go and splat)

I said when we crashin', ain't no turnin' back (Ain't none, yuh)
Forever pistol-packin', I ain't tryna lack (I swear)
Them niggas talkin' that shit, we flippin' habitats (Bow, bow)
Swear them niggas need a movie, hoes, the way they act (Ya dig?)
Catch a flight and had him whacked, night, that pressure pack (Good gas)
Shit is "4Block or no block" to a savage (Okay, slatt)
I'm conceited and them D's, she over average (Oh yeah)
Everything she want, she know she get, ain't gotta ask for shit (Uh-huh)
This that sauce, baby, fishtail when you pull out (Skrrt)
I'd never leave it in you, baby, you a come around (Ain't nothin')
Ain't got a bust down yet, but time runnin' out (I swish)
He wanna bust down the check, I'm finna buck the guy
Whip my pistol out, then show him what it's really 'bout
I know your momma told you, "Ain't no love between them yellow lines"
Up in that road, they be likin' that Lil B shit 'til a nigga get gone
All these hoes I adopt, but I just play my lil' role

I gotta watch them bitches close to see (Ayy, yuh, mmm)
I gotta watch them bitches close to see
Ayy, ayy, they know we clean, we like to sweep shit
Aw man, now she noticed me

Hoes look at me, it's been official, I don't prolong (Ain't nothin')
They could drop the drawers and I don't give a shit and send that ass home (Bitch, get outta here)
They say I'm disrespectful 'cause a young nigga say he grown (I am)
But I don't get it disrespectful unless you raisin' yo' tone (Ayy, simmer down)
You say yo' niggas' killers, send your killer at me (Ayy, listen here)
Y'all jits was never on that Tommy, stop that flaggin' (Why y'all flaggin'?)
They gon' tell somebody "Jacq, quit all that rackin'" (Quit all that rackin')
Them old niggas might slide, them jits cappin' (But it ain't for certain)
'Cause it's a Buck world, a cold-cut world, get stabbed (Oh yeah, oh yeah)
That shit hurt me 'til the day that I put Buck off in the casket
Moral of the story, don't believe no story, 'cause this what happened (This what happened)
Mind yo' f..ckin' business, bitch (Bitch), we spinnin' shit (Oh, yuh)
Pop us like you on parole or you got sentenced, jit (Wassup?)
You gon' need a doctor for your exit wounds, we enterin' (Ba-ba-ba)
Dope sold, money fold, boy, then you can shop again (C'mon)
Aimin' at your pizza roll, poof, he Houdini, dead
He goin' 'round tellin' hoes that G9 don't want his head (He out in public)
Get that shit done, no f..ck-ups, you get a loaf of bread (C'mon)
I thought 1D was one hundred 'til that pussy boy went fed
And I'm tellin' you they trollin', they just do that for publicity (Oh yeah)
I won't ever do no ho shit, 'cause it ain't a dot of bitch in me (Ain't no bitch in me)
Too real for this rap shit, ain't nothin' like the industry (Nothin')
When I catch my number upside down, I swear he history (Bow-bow-bow-bow)
I'd say your name, but I'd be puttin' fame on it (Puttin' fame on it)
I ain't tryna say yo' name unless it's "R.I.P." before it (Unless it's "R.I.P." before it, yuh)
I'm talkin' piss in peace, I'm mean piss in sleep, shit, that's pistol Pete (Piss all on your name)
Why you mention me? 'Cause if it beef then they gon' come for we
His heart thumpin' now, I got that bitch soundin' like McGee (Oh yeah)
Just spittin' fire, I'm talkin' hotter than an STD
556, dumb it down, a hunnid rounds, that bitch was stutterin' (Why he runnin'?)
They ain't know nothin', we wet shit up, now it's a flooded scene
I'm tellin' you, them niggas speak on my cousin, then it's Halloween
I'm maskin' up

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