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We Do It Lyrics

Album Name : We Are the South (Greatest Hits)
Release Date : 2008-05-13
Song Duration : 4:21

8ball & Mjg We Do It

Yeah, yeah
Can you feel that, nigga?
Nothin but that gutter shit
Tre Ball nigga
Pimp tight, spit the truth to these niggas

You ain't no real ass nigga, you just like to hang around
And run your mouth with bitches and tellin them how you're down
And tellin them you da man and tellin them how you can
Have the dope sent straight to your hands straight from Japan
And you gotta yappin your mouth and always talkin bout
Who you gon shoot and who you gon knock out
See niggas talk all that shit, that's why they need an army
And always talking about some kill-a-nigga shit constantly
But let the police pull a pistol on him quick fast
Now you a big ol bag of sugar with your bitch ass
I come from Mem and 5 men a motherfuckin killing
Drug-dealin where them niggas love grilling, listen
I'm not trying to exaggerate, like a lot of boys
Who run around with artillery like a lot of toys
You niggas ain't tough, you point at G, god damnit B
A time you shoulda left that gun home with your family

[Chorus: 8Ball]
Man we do it for money
Man we do it for business
Man we do it for riches
And pray to God that we do it

Man we do it for family
Murder, kidnap, and hustle
They say life is a struggle
I can't stay out of trouble

Man we do it for power
Pills, heroin, and weed
Man we do it for mama
And them babies we feed

Man we do it for family
Murder, kidnap, and hustle
They say life is a struggle
I can't stay out of trouble

Pop that (Pop that)
Pistol if you got that
Don't act (Don't act)
Like it if you not that
I'm just (I'm just)
A product of these dirty streets
We just (We just)
A couple niggas tryna eat
Slow down (slow it down)
Never did I try to do it
Orange mound (Orange mound)
Nigga, you done met the truest
8-Ball (8-Ball)
MJ F..ckin G
And now we represent (Represent)
Them niggas who just gettin by
Hard times (Hard times)
Money always ain't the cure
That's why (That's why)
I'm a take you on a tour
So deep (How deep)
Hold your breath and dive in
Come with me (Come with me)
You'll never see this shit again
Inside (Inside)
Where bleed and evil shit collide
A lot of niggas try
Got locked up or got they brains fried
Ain't that (Ain't that)
A shame when you think about it
It's easy to get in it
But hard to get up out it


Oh here you come again, Mr. Mouth Runner
Providin a roof or a ho to make a house under

You talk a good game, but you don't know a thang
Bout what these kids can do, to a nigga like you who lame

You need to shut your mouth, that's what you need to do
And stop believin all that bullshit they feedin you

They don't believe in you, thievin deceivin you
Them hos use you up, it's over, now they leavin you

And within 3 weeks, she done married over
Let that sucka deal with problems she done carried over

You need to think about it, who really on your side?
Not just in your face, tryin to get some of what you got

Tryin to count some change, wanna crush the mission
You get cornered in and dealt with when you buck the system

So just stay strong, listen to my song
It's time to stop playin, homie, and get your hustle on


Yeah yeah yeah yeah
You know what we do it for
We do it for that family
We do it for the murder, kidnap, and hustle nigga
Tryna stay out of trouble
8-Ball and MJG, Bad Boy
That's why we do this, we do it for murder
Yeah, yeah, for life
We do it for the motherfuckin dirt,
And pray to God that we get it, forever

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