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State Lyrics

Album Name : Back On The Streets
Release Date : 1998-09-08
Song Duration : 2:12

88 Fingers Louie State
I must say thanks for giving me reasons to talways doubt myself
Is that the way that it should be
Never mind I'm back on my feet
Running away from the problems I can't face
They're not as simple as they seem
Back down (back down)
Cave in (cave in)
Look at the state I'm in, too late to set it right
4 years on it all adds up
Gave you my life and you didn't give a f..ck
So chalk one up for lesson learned
Back again and bended knee you no longer have a hold on me
It's safe to say I've got no more regrets
Back Down (back down)
Cave in (cave in)
Look at the state I'm in
Too late to set it right
Set it right
Don't call this a solution you can only blame yourself
I saw though your faults, you didn't see through mine
If you words justify your actions you should've quit while you're ahead
Back down, cave in, look at the state I'm in (state I'm in)

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