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Lovely Nights Lyrics

76deep Lovely Nights

Closer now
To know to have found
A place inside
A place in time
To know

To have found
Have found
A place inside
A place in time


Some one to love
Lovely days to follow
Someone to love
Lovely days to follow
Warm and Bright

Lovely days to follow to follow
All night long before the dawn
You've been kind and (*) purposed and strong

All they men and women
Can plan all they want
They need someone too

Lovely days to follow

I've seen you around
I know that you have a name
I `know' that you wonder if I know your number

I've seen you in town
I know that you can't explain
How you 'know' mine
I wear it on my heart of clover

I swear girl that / (*) you will recover

You need someone to love
(Greener prouder
Louder and winningz
Bouyant sizeable dreamy plain
An affable lil climb to sit plaintively
On the love - ly flat of the
Lea Bright and Strong thru shadow
) love lea nights to foll0w

If you need someone just call

Lovely nights to follow days and nights nights then days
Lovely nights to follow

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