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Street Kid Lyrics

Album Name : Long Island Hip-Hop: Not About the Money
Release Date : 2008-10-07
Song Duration : 2:24

7 Profitz Street Kid
I hope your not out there doing the wrong thing
To get those clothes
Cause I used to be a player
Street kid
Game recognize game you know that though right
Ill let you know when I was out there I use to be the biggest cat on the block man

From the rock bottom gotta do what I gotta
Grab wallets pick pockets let nothing stop us
Not even the law
We are the law box cutters and guns drawn
Mama praying hoping that I see another day
Undercover stressing all in the way all in the way
All in the way
This is Payne place
Game recognize game
NY city of crime
From the gutter so I gotta get mine
Who are you to tell me how to live my life
Snatch chains run off the train
Back in the day in the hallways run your case
This is my life
I'm a street kid

Being a player ain't all its cracked up to be
They tell ya about all that pretty stuff that you see
Don't nobody tell you that you gotta go to prison eventually though you know
I know you don't want to be like your brother
I'm here to tell you and I hope your listening to me

One life one chance on soul in your name
Everybody always stressing me to get up and change
If I don't make it on the streets get up and go
I'll never hold my destiny and be in control
One heart one voice one choice in your name
Nobody gonna remember if you cant alter the game
Get yourself together change up the pace
One mind one choice one heart

Street Kid

Wanna end up like your brother
Wanna put your 5 years in
That ain't what you want man
You missed 10 to 5 years when he was gone
Didn't you
So if your doing anything
Let me know
Let me help you alright man
You know you ain't gotta worry about me
I'm not out there doing nothing wrong
You know
Matter of fact when I do something wrong
I'll let you know

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