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Derrumbado Lyrics

Album Name : To See the End
Release Date : 2008-07-23
Song Duration : 2:35

7 Generations Derrumbado

He has tried for so long, you can hear it in his faint
voice And the weight of the years has grown with every
broken dream He knows the meanings of the names he has
been given By those who never sleep with empty stomachs
or cold feet But is it so wrong to simply reach for a
better life? Is it so wrong to dream of what one has
never had? His fingers blister and bleed, when he sees
them he fights to hold back tears The word home has lost
all meaning because nowhere feels safe The "lkand of the
free" has given only hunger and toil And the future that
awaits promises only more of the same But isn't it wrong
to beat a human being down so far? Isn't it wrong to kill
the only hope that makes life bearable? Sitting in the
lap of luxury as others languish in abject poverty The
privileged cry thief and criminal while wringing their
bread from the sweat of another's brow and praising every
barrier constructed to keep the have-nots starving But as
long as survival is on one side and hunger on the other,
every fence, every wall, every border will be torn down
Torn down

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