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Give Em Game (feat. Reddo & SenseiATL) Lyrics

645ar Give Em Game (feat. Reddo & SenseiATL)

[Verse 1: Reddo]
Boom, boom
Rackaids on me while I stand in the booth
Strap on me while dick in your hoe
Would give 'em game but it's already sold
Niggas out of date like the baggy Girbauds (Ugh)
Stay in your place or your gang get exposed
Get 'em x'd out like Tac-Tic-Toe (Get 'em)
We go the hardest, don't be no comparison
You missed your shot and I know it's embarrassing
When I fell short slime alleyed the oop
How he a paid shooter but he can't hit the hoop?
Headache the top just to head out the coupe
Save all them raps 'bout what you gon' do (Dummy)
Know he gon' tremble when the spotlight on
Spent a lil' dough on what I got owed
Embracin' the hate, I really call them fans
He never made a play, he sit in the stands

[Verse 2: 645AR]
Ain't burnin' bridges if it's about bands
Broke nigga, I ain't shakin' your hand (Broke)
Addicted to money, I can't go sober
Get in the way of them racks and it's over (Racks)
Only beef I ever had was being broke (Turn up)
Meet wit' glizzy, and he send up wit' the smoke (Yeah)
Never had a buddy-buddy and ain't no bro
Jugg, jugg, jugg, that's all I know (Yeah)
S.O.S. my brothers but we cut the check like cousins
I was at the bank cashin' out and these niggas wasn't
I ain't squashin' no beef, f..ck that, these niggas buggin'
Everyday I pray and screamin' still, "Free my cousin"

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